How Phoenix Residents Can Improve Their Fuel Economy

With gas prices predicted to soar over $4 dollars a gallon in some parts of the country this summer, many Phoenix Arizona residents are looking for ways to cut fuel expenditure wherever they can.  While an ideal solution may be to trade a gas hogging vehicle in for a new hybrid, this is simply not a financial reality for many people.  So what can a Phoenix Valley motorist do when they need to cut their spending on gas, yet still have four more years of payments on their car?  There are some very simple steps that anyone can take to increase their fuel efficiency.

The first step would be to alter the way you drive, such as:

SLOW DOWN: Going fast in the city is tempting, to keep up with the flow of traffic if for nothing else, but  also it seems to be worth it if we can save even five minutes. But if you’re on the highway, driving 60 miles per hour instead of 70 mph will save you 2-4 miles per gallon over the duration of your trip.

GO EASY ON THE THROTTLE: Don’t accelerate too quickly or stomp on the brakes. Coast to a stop. This will not only save you money on fuel, but will also save you wear and tear on your brakes.

SHUT DOWN: If you’re waiting somewhere for a while then turn off your engine.  Even if it is just for a minute, those minutes add up, especially if you live near a train crossing or something similar.

WINDOWS UP:  This can be toguh, especially with the cool spring breezes Phoenix gets, but the fact is the the wind drag from having your windows down can decrease fuel efficiency by ten percent.

The next thing to look at is vehicle maintenance:

TIRE PRESSURE:  Keeping your tires properly pressurized can increase fuel economy by 3.3 percent.

CLEAN AIR:  Make sure that you have your air filter changed routinely, just as you would your oil.  A clean air filter can increase fuel economy by more than 10 percent.

LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD: That set of Olympic weights in your trunk that you have been trying to sell for the past several months, well, you are paying for them in decreased fuel efficiency.  There is a reason that professional auto races use weights and balances to equal drivers, it makes a big difference in performance and fuel economy.

TUNE UP:  A vehicles owner manual will include a recommended maintenance schedule.  The people who write these manuals know their stuff, and they include the maintenance schedule for a reason.  Keeping your car tuned up and in order can increase fuel economy by 4.4 percent.

While the most efficient way to save fuel is to invest in a fuel efficient vehicle, by combining all of these steps, Phoenix Arizona residents can exponentially increase their fuel economy.

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