Honda Robot Ushers Into the Future, then Pours Drinks

The future is uncertain: Global warming, rogue states, blimp attack, post apocalyptic anthropomorphic ape planet scenarios, and, of course, the ultimate fear of all, an evil robotic army.  We here at Vroom have always held the fear of an impending robotocolyspe to be perfectly rational, that is of course until we read Honda’s press release this morning.  With the unveiling of the new Honda Asimo humanoid robot, the first Asimo to utilize a new cutting edge technology which allows it to move without being controlled by a human operator, Honda presents the new and happy face of the robotic kingdom, one which could be of great potential for human use in a variety of settings.

A far cry from the terrifyingly efficient T-1000 of Terminator 2 fame, the new Honda Asimo is much closer to an R2D2/C3Po hybrid of Star Wars fame.  With significantly improved artificial intelligence technology and the physical ability to adapt to situations, the ASIMO has taken another step closer to practical use in an office, hospital, emergency, or other human services setting.

In addition to massive improvements in balancing and stability control over the previous prototype, Honda has taken the new Asimo to the next level with its advancement of multi digital fine motor skills and movement.  Honda has developed a highly functional compact multi-fingered hand, which has a tactile sensor and a force sensor embedded on the palm and in each finger. Combined with the object recognition technology, this multi-fingered hand enables the all-new ASIMO to perform tasks with dexterity, such as picking up a glass bottle and twisting off the cap, or holding a soft paper cup without squashing it. Moreover, ASIMO is now capable of making sign language expressions which require the complex movement of fingers.

And speaking of R2D2, one could easily imagine the Honda Asimo being an equally helpful traveling companion.  It is not out of the near realm of possibilities to imagine that Honda may include a sort of docking port in future vehicles for robotic passengers, and, like R2D2, build in systems by which they may assist with information and navigation.

To represent all of Honda’s robotic technologies and products such as ASIMO, Honda has established the new collective name ‘Honda Robotics’. Under this name Honda will continue the development and research of humanoid robots and will also focus on applying the robotic technologies to mass-produced products and putting them into practical use.

Phoenix Valley auto and tech enthusiasts should seriously consider taking a road trip out to Los Angeles in late November for the LA Auto Show, a popular platform for the worlds leaders in design, engineering, and electronics to debut their most cutting edge concepts and developments.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should also plan on attending the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show to learn about the most recent concepts and innovations from Honda, as well as the rest of the auto industry, taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.

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