GMC Denali Offers Luxury and Utility to Phoenix Arizona Residents

Spring has arrived in Phoenix Arizona, and with it the time when Valley residents are looking to shake off the winter dust with a weekend road excursion.  Phoenix Arizona is a uniquely located city in the fact that, within a couple of hours time, residents can find themselves in all sorts of rugged desert and mountain environments.  This leaves Phoenix Arizona residents with two needs: A:  A powerful and reliable, all terrain, sport utility vehicle. B:  A vehicle equipped with enough luxury and space to make for a comfortable and enjoyable family road trip.  This need brings us to the 2011 GMC Denali.

The Denali brand began when GMC designers decided to introduce luxury and chrome as an added trim to the 1998 GMC Yukon.  Since then the Denali has eclipsed the Yukon and become a brand all its own, a destination vehicle for customers who appreciate luxury and utility.  The new 2011 Acadia Denali model, with standard features like a head-up display, 20-inch wheels, bi-xenon headlamps, moon-roof, leather steering wheel with wood accent, quit tuning technology, touchscreen navigation, and rear seat entertainment, continues this tradition.

The exterior design of the vehicle projects strength and simplicity, chrome all around, a bold front header, and a general boxy-chic look that says that this vehicle means business.  Once inside the Acadia Denali, it’s obvious that loads of standard equipment is the key to differentiating this Denali from its lesser siblings. The wood inserts on the dash and steering wheel, along with a very tasteful and understated ambient lighting system, give this big crossover a more luxurious and high end feel and appearance, while souped up amenities like heated and cooled front seats and a standard Dual SkyScape sunroof are options that any Phoenix Arizona customer would appreciate.  GMC also opted to add the aforementioned Quiet Tuning technology borrowed from the Buick Enclave, giving the Acadia Denali a pleasantly muted cabin.

Phoenix Arizona residents can view and test drive the 2011 Denali Acadia at any Phoenix Valley GMC dealer.

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