GM Augmenting Reality with it’s Multi-IS Windshields

It is the chief complaint pertaining to the information displays in new ultra high tech cars.  They are not placed anywhere a responsible driver will spend any real time looking.  This is because a responsible driver will have their eyes set squarely through the windshield and on the road the vast majority of their trip, rendering much of the cool modern car gadgetry largely useless to them.  So it is exciting when we hear of continuing research into alternative modes for multi-information displays, such as projecting information directly onto lower and corner sections of the windshield.

But the standard info you are likely to see on the center dash of a Leaf or Prius is not anywhere near the standard being set in the newest prototype and conceptual augmented reality windshields.  The “enhanced vision” systems aim to help drivers navigate through dark or foggy conditions, going so far to project an infrared image onto the screen, so that the driver is not actually seeing out the windshield, but rather viewing a sort of live “security” feed of what they should be seeing.  Anyone who has ever gotten caught in thick fog while taking the otherwise beautiful drive from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California can attest that this feature will be a welcome and sometimes necessary improvement on the modern “smart” vehicle information system.

The system would also alert the driver by highlighting landmarks or outlining obstacles like a running animal on the windshield to help the driver avoid collisions.  Imagine being able to set a windshield to your tastes.  If you enjoy jazz and opera, relevant information will be displayed on the windshield as you pass buy the place which will play host to the particular event or activity.  This could come in more handy than a smart phone, as many Phoenix Arizona residents actually spend more time driving than they do on their phones, which may not be the case in many other large cities.

Phoenix Valley drivers can keep an eye out for new pieces of this emerging technology to be arriving in new GM models at any of the local Phoenix Valley GM dealers.

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