German Researchers Cure Traffic Congestion With Wifi

Recently released research from Germany shows that inserting five talking cars into an urban rush hour traffic scheme eliminates gridlock.  This is five intercommunicating vehicles per every thousand cars in a given area.

“Location-specific traffic information and warnings in real time can help to remedy this, while simultaneously increasing road safety,” said Nick Reilly, president of General Motors  Europe, which participated in the research. “Less congestion means less wasted time, reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.”

The idea of talking cars in the telematics industry is basically that of a team sport.  One car senses an accident, or an unexpected construction delay, then relays that information to the next car in line, and forth until the information reaches an information tower, where the warnings and directions are distributed to all vehicles in the effected path.

This research illustrates the uses of a broad application of autonomous vehicle technology already being developed and honed by the likes of Google and Volvo.  If the industry keeps advancing in this direction, not only will accidents be a thing of the past, but also the heavy congestion that goes with them.

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