Ford GT: Now Accepting Applications

downloadI went online and built my very own Ford GT today. It drips sex appeal in the aptly named Liquid Red body color with a black racing stripe. Now, all I have to do is come up with about $450,000, and get on the waiting list.

Starting today and through May 12, Ford will begin accepting applications for its 600-plus horsepower supercar. Over the next two model years, 500 lucky applicants will have the chance to own this limited-production beauty. It is an exceptional vehicle in terms of both looks and performance, and the fortunate few who pass the test will be contacted by Ford GT Concierge Service to guide them through the ordering process.

So what’s on the application? Well, first, current GT owners get preference, as do people who will actually drive the supercar, rather than hoard it for sale at some future auction. There’s also a section that asks about the newest Ford/Lincoln vehicles in your garage, as well as the most “historically significant” ones, and about the number of vehicles in your collection. If you want to be one of the 500, it clearly helps to be a collector or enthusiast with a penchant for vehicles in the Ford/Lincoln family.

The Lincoln MKC and Ford Focus currently sitting in my driveway, and my past ownership of a Ford Aspire likely won’t put me high enough on the list, so I’m going to think twice before putting my house on the market to raise the funds necessary to buy the GT. I’ll have to be content to go online and build a dream GT in any of 5000 iterations. Options include eight exterior colors, eight racing stripe colors, five caliper colors, three wheel styles in aluminum or two in carbon fiber, and a few interior choices. But its racing cred, aerodynamics, screaming horsepower and impossible good looks will be a draw for any Ford enthusiast looking for a crown jewel in their collection.

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