Five Hot SmartPhone Apps to Enhance Driving

Smartphones can help someone to accomplish pretty much anything.  Whether one wants to find out what song is playing, mix a White Russian, or build a deck, there is an app for it.  Most new car models these days have USB interfaces, and some of them are specifically designed to work with the big three smartphone models.  Here are five apps that can come in very handy for every motorist:

Gas Cubby: Download GasCubby to track gas mileage and vehicle upkeep. You enter in the price you pay per gallon, total gallons used and overall cost. Then the app calculates the trip’s MPGs and overall efficiency. Chart this information over time to see where money is being wasted or saved and email the data to your home computer to set up reminders for regular maintenance appointments.  This comes in especially handy for those Phoenix Arizona residents who drive a vintage vehicle.  This app turns a phone into a non-intrusive green renovation for that 57 Chevy.

FlightTracker: Try FlightTracker.  The free app can help you check if your flight is going to be out on time or the person you are picking up is arriving on schedule.  Live FlightTracker does the same thing as well, but adds a nice overlay of exactly where in the flightpath your plane is.

Trapster:  Speed traps, photo radar, and red light cameras have become a point of contention for many Phoenix Arizona residents.  Download Trapster and your iPhone or Droid will alert you to approaching police speed traps, photo radar, and red light cameras.  This app does not help anyone to break the law, but rather tells you to slow down BEFORE you get the ticket (or cause an accident).  The application uses the phone’s GPS system to track your route and alerts you to over 400,000 reported trap locations. Report traps yourself by simply tapping the screen.

EasyPark: Be it a five story parking structure or a sprawling lot, the worst part about many Phoenix Arizona outings is forgetting where you parked your car.  The EasyPark web app sets a GPS peg to help you remember where you put it.

Interix:  You may find yourself in Phoenix Arizona, stuck on the I-17 in morning rush hour, or you may find yourself on weekend business or pleasure in LA, moving at what seems like a snail pace.  Check the road and traffic conditions beforehand with Interix Traffic, a free app that will help you see which roads are busiest and give you the fastest route.  The Waze app also serves a similar function.

With the amount of driving time the average Phoenix Arizona motorists puts in on a daily basis, these apps offer a great value in significantly improving the driving experience.

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