Find a Collector for Your Vintage Garage Bound Gem

Now is the time of year when the nation gets moving, the young people head off to school, and the older people in the northern regions start thinking about heading south to warmer climates in order to stave off the impending winter gloom.  During these times Phoenix Valley residents must reassess what is valuable to them, and we must define value not by monetary worth or sentimental attachment, but by the yard stick of actually use.  It may sound harsh, but sometimes we just need to simplify and clean house.

What are some common pieces of old junk you may find in a garage?  Old oil cans?  A box of defective Atari joysticks? The denim jacket with “Disco Stud” spelled out in rhinestones across the back?  Grandpa’s dusty old broken down Cadillac Eldorado?  You can probably guess which one of these items has become a collectible, and for which one classic car collectors will pay you large sums of cash.  Hint: It is not the box of defective Atari joysticks.  It is the Cadillac Eldorado, and more than that, it is any vintage car you may find sitting in a state of disrepair in garages and backyards across the Phoenix Valley.

Through CF Partners LLC you can link up with a network of private classic and vintage collectors that will pay a reasonable price for your classic or vintage car, barn find, or exotic, no matter what kind of shape, no matter what the year, or where it is on planet earth.  If it is something they like they will pick it up and restore it to its former beauty.

This is a prime time and moment of opportunity for Phoenix Valley residents who may have an old out of use vehicle in their possession.  Phoenix Arizona has long been a haven of human retirees, but people from all over North America have been bringing their cars with them for the past 60 or so years, thus the Phoenix Valley area is a largely untapped gold mine of vintage automotive treasures.

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