Citroen Tubik Concept Seeks to Reinvent Travel

I have a history of being able to predict trends, be it the rise of the Mini-Truck in the 90s, or the fall of the Mini-Truck later in the 90s, these insights into the future tend to be spot on.  So here it is, Prediction: The custom van is coming back, and I mean in a very big way.  Just ask French automobile auto manufaturer Citroen, whose new concept quasi-touring van, the Citroen Tubik, debuts later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Vans and other innovative touring vehicles like the Tubik Concept vehicle pictured above are part of a new and still developing mission of the Citroen Auto Manufacturing Company.  This mission is called the MultiCity Project, and it exist to foster creative and convienent travel, be it in Citroen’s vehicles, on the train, or on foot.  A spokesperson for the company said in a press release:

“Today, it is journey time rather than distance that is important. In the modern world, information travels faster than people, the same journey can be made using a multitude of different means of transport, and consumers are looking first and foremost for an easy way of getting around. In consequence, the challenge for vehicle manufacturers is to develop solutions tailored to the mobility issues of the future.”

“The Multicity project is the result of studies carried out by CITROËN on mobility. This project is already a reality with the launch in France of CITROËN Multicity, an online portal and routefinder that covers all available means of transport (car, train, plane, etc.) to make travelling easier.”

If this new MultiCity Project involves more fun and innovative concepts such as the Citroen Tubik featured above, then we here at zoom are all the more grateful for the effort.

While Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts certainly have the option of traveling to Frankfurt to catch a glimpse of the Citroen Tubik Concept Van first hand, it is a long and costly journey from the Phoenix Valley area.  Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should, however, plan on attending the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show to learn more about the most recent concepts and innovations in the auto industry, taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.

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