Chevy Volt Wins World Car Award at NYC International Auto Show

Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts need to take some time to recognize the Chevrolet Volt, as it was recently named the number 1 World Car in the Green category.  The annual award, given out towards the end of the New York International Auto Show, is one of the most prestigious honors bestowed in the auto industry, and further proof that it’s a new day for Chevrolet, not to mention the entire auto world. Powered by electricity without being tethered to electrical outlets, the Volt does everything a great car does and, according to the judges at the NYC International Auto Show, Motor Trend, and several other prestigious groups, it can do those things better than any other vehicle on the market today.

Volt is an electric car that uses gas to create its own electricity. Plug it in, let it charge overnight, and it’s ready to run on a pure electric charge for up to 40 miles, gas and emissions free. After that, Volt keeps going, even if you can’t plug it in. Volt uses a range-extending gas generator that produces enough energy to power it for hundreds of miles on a single tank of gas.

The Volt has been programmed with three unique driving modes to accommodate different driving styles. Normal mode is the most efficient setting that takes the electricity and focuses it on operating the electric drive. Sport mode sacrifices a small amount of efficiency for more responsive acceleration, and Mountain mode makes sure the battery has a bigger energy reserve for driving up long, steep inclines.  The normal mode is perfect for all of the flat, stop and go traffic on the Phoenix Valley freeways, while the sport mode is ideal for opening up on a sparse Arizona highway.  The mountain mode, well, take a drive through the Four Peaks, Superstitions, or any other local Phoenix Valley area range, and you will find that it becomes quite useful.

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2011 Chevy Volt is the Volt Mobile App for your smartphone.  Anywhere you get a signal on your smartphone, you can have total control of your Volt. Tap away and, with the OnStar mobile app, you’ll be able to check the battery charge level, available range, tire pressure, remote lock and unlock and even activate the remote start to heat or cool the interior to your preferred temperature. Navigate the interactive screens of the app, and you can change how and when you want your Volt to charge. You can even set up Alerts via text or email to remind you to plug in your Volt, when charging is complete or if charging has been interrupted. The app also provides a single button to access a Volt Customer Adviser who can answer vehicle specific questions.

Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts can view and test drive the new 2011 Chevy Volt at any of their local Phoenix Valley area Chevy dealers.


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