Brammo Takes Electric Motorcycle World by Storm With Six Gears

The Phoenix Valley area, Arizona, and the Southwest in general, are home some of the best spots in the country for outdoor motorsports.  For a while now, Phoenix Valley motoring enthusiasts have been waiting for the industry producers to mate the blasting acceleration of the electric motorcycle, with the high top speed performance advantages of a traditional gas engine engine.  Oregon based company Brammo has recently announced it’s new line of electric dirt and street bikes.  With this, the electric motorcycle is taking a big step forward.

Brammo announced this morning that it is rolling out a new line of electric bikes featuring six-speed transmissions, a development that promises to boost performance and increase range. Up to this point, most electric motorcycles have used direct drive, providing optimal acceleration or top speed, but rarely both.

The Oregon company’s motorcycles can offer high acceleration and top top speed with it’s introduction of multiple gears.  Company head Craig Bramscher claims it’s top-tier motocrosser rivals the performance of a 250cc four-stroke gasoline motorcycle and hopes to prove it this weekend at the big MiniMototSX race this weekend in Las Vegas.

“The acceleration of these bikes is just amazing,” he says. “We’ve had some professional riders on it and they’ve been blown away.”

Brammo has, up to this point, primarily been a street bike manufacturer, but with the introduction of this line-up, with it’s high concentration of high tech dirt bikes, they enter themselves as big names in the world of motocross.

The new lineup includes four models, slated for production early next year. The Engage MX motocrosser, Engage SMS street-legal supermoto, and the Encite MMX Pro, a race-ready motocrosser.  The Italian firm, SMRE Engineering, has developed an integrated motor and transmission with a hydraulic clutch, and has licensed the hardware exclusively to Brammo.

“We are delighted to have Brammo as our strategic partner,” Samuele Mazzini, founder and CEO of SMRE, said in a statement. “This alliance will see the ([integrated electric transmission) integrated into Brammo motorcycles and enjoyed by riders all around the world.”

Phoenix Arizona customers interested in the new Brammo Electric lineup can keep an eye out for the bikes at Phoenix Valley dirt bike dealers and outdoor motoring outfitters.  Phoenix Arizona residents who are VERY interested in seeing this new technology, can take a road trip this weekend to the MiniMotoSX race in nearby Las Vegas, Nevada.

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