Bentley Debuts Royal Diamond Jubilee Edition

If an adult manages to stick with anything for 60 years, we tend to celebrate it.  60 years at Motorola?  Celebration.  60 years in the same marriage?  Celebration.  60 years as the Queen of England?  Celebration…plus a limited edition Bentley to mark the occasion.

2012 marks only the second time that Great Britain has had the privilege of holding a diamond jubilee celebration.  To aid in the festivities, Bentley, the car company employed most by the Royal Family, has launched an exclusive special edition.  Generally the UK Royal Family uses Bentley Continentals, but with this special edition vehicle Bentley has decided to raise the stakes a bit and make it a truly royal experience with the ultra luxury Mulsanne trim.

Strangely, the Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition was unveiled not in the UK as would seem appropriate, but in Beijing, China.  At first this may seem odd, but when you consider that Beijing is the capital of the country that has become in recent years Bentley’s largest market, where the automaker has just opened one of its largest showrooms, the Beijing unveiling could be seen as a type of act of Royal diplomacy.

Bentley’s own in-house coach builder Mulliner (builder of the State Limousine that carries the Royal Family about the Island) gave the special edition Mulsanne some very unique touches of elegance, such as gold-embroidered headrests, veneered fold-down tables in the back and leather cushions, all with the gold motif of a classic royal carriage (the original Bentleys).

True to the Mulliner tradition, the Diamond Jubilee Edition cars feature a spectrum of paint and hide colours that sets them apart from other Bentleys and which stylishly uses various combinations and shades of red, white and blue (the colours of the Union Flag) to underscore the British connection. Hand-applied Single Fine Lines – using these same three colours – provide an elegant finishing touch as do two distinctive Bentley ‘B’ badges positioned on each ‘D’ pillar.

“The respect and genuine interest shown towards so many aspects of British life, and most especially The Royal Family, has made China a unique experience for our marque as well as many other UK businesses,” comments Richard Charlesworth, Director of Royal and VIP Relations, Bentley Motors.

“This series of special cars, hand-built by our Mulliner Division, is our way of reciprocating the appreciation for British institutions, creativity and services we have been shown in China. And as proud holders of a Royal Warrant we also wanted to provide some memorable examples of British technology and craftsmanship,”Charlesworth adds.

Bentley has not released any pricing specifics, but it is likely safe to say that if you have to ask, then perhaps it is best to admire from a distance.

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