Bamboo Vehicle Only Makes Sense

Bamboo, it feels like wood, it looks like wood, and it comes from something that sort of looks like a tree, but bamboo is not wood, it is something far more alien to the universe of human use.  Bamboo is a type of grass.  If you ever stare at a bamboo tree for a moment, you will see that it is essentially a large version of what exists in the thousands in your front yard.  Bamboo grows like grass as well.  When you combine this fact with the reality of how strong yet easily manipulated bamboo is, it comes out on top as the perfect organic building material.   It is already used in flooring, textiles, paper, water processing, scaffolding, bicycles, thus it only makes sense that it should be explored for use in the manufacturing of vehicles.

Greg Abbott, an eco-entrepreneur who spends his days (and likely a lot of his nights) converting internal-combustion vehicles to electric vehicles, and has become a sort of figure head for DIY home engineers and makers, has stated “EV kits may have bodies that use bamboo for their body structure.  The material is strong enough to fall somewhere between fiberglass and carbon fiber on the strength-to-width ratio scale.”

Some kits are being sent out now from people like Greg Abbot that are comprised largely of bamboo derived materials.  If you are interested in organic sustainable design, and know how to handle a wrench, you may want to consider a bamboo based home vehicle kit.

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