60th Anniversary Unimog Concept Amphibious Inspired

Phoenix Valley residents will likely recognize the Mercedes Benz Unimog from every movie involving the army ever made, where it is oftened featured as an unarmored personnel carrier.  Whether it is a war zone, construction site, or agricultural project, the Unimog is synonymous with large scale automotive utility.  This year the Unimog celebrates it’s 60th year of production existence, and Mercedes-Benz is celebrating with an all-new amphibian-inspired Unimog concept, one that hints at off-road vehicles of the past and future.

Operating on both land and water, this 60th anniverseray concept edition of the amphibious oversized Jeep is designed with the intention of reminding the onlooker of an amphibian body and color scheme, while also conveying its tradition of shear strength and practicality.

“Unimog”’  designates a range of multi-purpose four wheel drive medium trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz.  The name ‘Unimog is an acronym for ‘UNIversalMOtorGerät, Gerät being the German word for ”machine” or ”device”.  Daimler Benz took over manufacture of the Unimog in 1951 and they are currently built in the Mercedes truck plant in Wörth am Rhein in Germany.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can probably not view or test drive the 60th anniversary edition of the Unimog at any Phoenix Valley area Mercedes Benz dealer.  Phoenix Valley drivers should, however, visit the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show,  taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend, where, seeing as how Phoenix and a good deal of the state of Arizona, in addition to a large construction industry, are agricultural areas, Mercedes Benz is very likely to feature vehicles heavily utilized in farming and construction.

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