5 Best Super Bowl Car Ads

2013 Ram 1500

While the debate rages on over whether Go Daddy’s ad was provocative, funny, gross, or all of the above, let us present to you our picks for the best car ads that premiered during the Super Bowl. Automakers comprised a large percentage of the ads this year, and before the big game, we offered a preview of what was to come. But, some of the best ads were not released prior to game day. The below compilation of the best ads includes some of those. What do you think? Were these among the day’s best ads?

1. Ram Trucks, “Farmer” – Chrysler Group has been scoring big with their spots over the past few years. First, there was the 2011 Eminem soundtracked “Made in Detroit” ad for the Chrysler 300. Last year, Clint Eastwood got our attention with “Halftime in America.” This year it was the late Paul Harvey paying a voice over tribute to the American farmer. It was sentimental, but not sappy, and worked in the same vein as the previous ads, playing on something uniquely American to draw attention to the brand. Ram pickups have consistently been the third choice behind Ford and Chevy; time will tell if an ad, no matter how good, can change that.

[youtube id=”AMpZ0TGjbWE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

2. Hyundai Santa Fe, “Team” – This one goes for sentimentality as well as humor. And everyone knows that kids and animals sell. Hyundai hits the mark with this one, with the underdog assembling a team of deceptively tough kids to get into the neighborhood pick-up game. Sweet and funny.

[youtube id=”dn6vWm41o3k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

3. Hyundai Sonata Turbo, “Stuck” – We give the nod to another Hyundai spot for its relatable humor. Sure, there are lots of cars that can power you around the slow moving portly gentleman on a motorcycle, or the pickup truck laden with precariously balanced cargo, but Hyundai put them all together in this spot to showcase the Sonata.

[youtube id=”SohqIBOb03k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

4. Jeep, “Whole Again” – Oprah + U.S. servicemen and women + Jeep = sentimental favorite. Chrysler Group pulled on our heartstrings again with this Oprah-narrated tribute to the troops and the folks at home who anxiously await their return (in a Jeep, of course). Patriotic or manipulative? The ad teeters on the edge, but got our attention, nonetheless.

[youtube id=”FadwTBcvISo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

5. Audi S6 “Prom” – Kid goes to the prom without a date. Dad feels bad and lets him borrow the S6, which gives kid the courage to kiss the prom queen. Good set up, satisfying payoff, brings a smile to your face. And, the car is pretty awesome too.

[youtube id=”ANhmS6QLd5Q” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So, there you have our top picks. Which is not to say that these are the best cars we expect to debut. Mercedes’ CLA seems like a bargain at $29,900, but its star-studded ad was a little over-hyped and underwhelming to make the list. Feel free to disagree (or agree) in our comments.

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  1. The Audi spot was my favorite. Might have been my favorite of the night, along with Tide/Joe Montana stain and Taco Bell.

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