2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid

Image via: Honda

For a very long time. The Honda CR-V was the undisputed benchmark for a dependable, quality family SUV. While significant improvements amongst competitors have made this title easier to challenge, there’s no questioning that the latest CR-V isn’t about to be overshadowed without putting up a seriously good fight first.

For 2023, the Honda CR-V receives a full overhaul. From the contact patch of the tires, all the way up to the power moonroof. The bodywork, interior and more may be completely different, but Honda wisely kept intact all of the ingredients that make the CR-V so stubbornly popular. It remains intuitive and easy to use, spacious, fun to drive, reliable and affordable. Let’s dive in a bit more.

Image via: Honda

With any SUV, size matters. Even if it is technically a compact SUV. Honda knows this, which is why they made the 2023 even bigger than its predecessor. You’ll enjoy plenty of head and legroom, no matter which seat you’re in. Plus cargo space that could be described as downright cavernous. Storage compartments are equally plentiful and thoughtfully placed throughout the cabin. Other interior amenities include lots of leather. Wrapping the steering wheel, shift nob and trimming the seats. A Bose 12 speaker premium system delivers crisp highs and full-bodied lows. The new and improved touch interface is also easier to use than before. Less distracting and weighed down by redundant settings and menu options. Why the transmission isn’t button controlled like so many Honda’s these days, and instead uses a tall, out-of-place shift knob from the 90’s, is a mystery to us. Besides that though, the CR-V’s interior is well lit, attractively organized, comfortable and accommodating to all.

The exterior received plenty of freshening up for this sixth generation of the CR-V as well. More masculine than before. With narrowed headlights, a big front grille and other attention-grabbing  features. So, the new 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid is handsome, roomy, filled with easy-to-use tech and contains enough cargo space and storage compartments to keep up with even the busiest of families. We do wish it managed a bit more real world fuel economy than just 37 mpg. The all-wheel drive system will save you when the road conditions take a turn for the worst, but the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine feels a bit weak. Towing capabilities fall below average as well.

No car is perfect. While the CR-V misses the mark in a few areas, it continues to excel in plenty of others. With a fresh face, new interior and loads of other improvements for 2023, we’re sure that this, from the ground-up redesign will keep it firmly planted in the minds of anyone looking for an SUV as one of the top options out there.

Price as tested: $39,845.00

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