2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition

The Toyota Tundra has always been a strong contender for a tough, reliable, full-sized pickup truck. Popular for its dependability and impressive utility. It was however, in desperate need of a serious design overhaul and interior upgrade. It has been for the last 5 years honestly, since Toyota has never introduce any major changes since the second generation launched way back in 2007. So to say we are thrilled for these long-awaited improvements would be an understatement. With the 2022 model, we can consider the Tundra officially caught up with the rest of the truck pack. 

To help create a more comfortable, refined ride, Toyota chose to use the same platform as the international-market 300 Series Land Cruiser. If we can’t buy it in the U.S. anymore, at least we can enjoy parts of it in the new Tundra. From here, the list of ‘what’s new’ stretches on and on. From just a design standpoint, everything is new! Inside and out. Styling feels completely up-to-speed with other 2022 model trucks. Sharp, modern, and sleek. Same with the interior, where the infotainment screen is bigger, the technology is better and every helpful driving aide is included.

A 10-speed automatic transmission has replaced the horribly outdated 6-speed from the previous generation. Four whole extra gears, combined with an advanced i-Force 3.5L twin-turbo V6, means fuel economy is up to 19 mpg combined. Power is also up, with the new Tundra spooling out an impressive 479 lb-ft of torque. If you want even more range from your gas tank, a hybrid version of the V6 is available. Also improved over the previous generation Tundra is the towing and payload capacity.

My 1794 Edition model came with a heavy western aesthetic. With special wheels, a chrome grille and other chrome accents on the outside. Inside the cabin, this special package lets you choose between rich cream or saddle brown leather, with American Walnut wood-grain trim. What Buffalo Bill might drive. If he purchased Japanese, and was still alive…

Saying sayonara to the old-school V8 might be hard for some, but aside from that, the 2022 Toyota Tundra has made all the right moves to reinsert itself as a top choice for full-sized pickup truck enthusiasts. Equipped with a much needed, nose to tail redesign, way better fuel economy, advanced engine and drivetrain engineering, and that famous Toyota reliability. All said, I think we’re set for another 15 years. Though hopefully not.

Price as tested: $66,395.00

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