2022 Toyota Camry TRD

Image via: Toyota

Add TRD to the end of any Toyota model, and you’ve just primed yourself for an adrenaline pumping experience behind the wheel. While traditionally, the Camry would’t have conjured images of high horsepower figures and redline chasing performance, the TRD model has made many successful strides to change that. 

Starting with just the mechanical side of things, the Toyota Camry TRD comes with one engine option. A powerful 3.5L V6 that churns out an impressive 301 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque. All that power is measured out via a snappy 8-speed transmission with paddle shifters. Not content to stop there, the TRD treatment extends to specially tuned front and rear suspension. There’s also thicker underbody braces to really decrease chassis flex, keeping cornering tight and letting the tires and suspension manage all the lateral G’s. Slowing our powerful 4-door sedan, are enlarged 12.9” front brake rotors, with dual piston calipers. There was a time when I never would’ve expected to be typing any one of these sentences about the Camry, but I’m very glad that I am.

Visually, this special TRD package sets this Camry firmly apart from its more vanilla variations. Those brake calipers I mentioned above, they’re painted a sporty red. Color coordinating with them are red TRD badges and striking red pin-striping on the gloss black side aero skirts. Also in gloss black, is an attractive front splitter, rear air diffuser and perfectly sized spoiler. Offering a contrast in luster, are 19” matte-black alloy wheels. Finish it off with a two-tone Midnight Black metallic roof, and polished stainless steel dual exhaust, and the result delivers plenty of curb appeal. Pushing the Camry’s aesthetics just enough to the sporty without overdoing it with an obnoxiously large body kit or rear spoiler.

The red and black color palette transitions to the interior seamlessly. There, you’ll be greeted with sport fabric SofTex-trimmed seats, embossed with TRD logo headrests, red stitching and red seatbelt straps. The TRD package also offers JBL audio and a larger touchscreen display. Nine inches up from seven. The TRD team has definitely proven with the Camry, that it can inject plenty of visual flair and impressive performance into whatever it lays its hands on. As the latest example, Toyota expands its Camry line even further, maintaining options within the realm of plain, practical and super affordable. Adding hybrid efficient on one end, to high performing and sporty on the other. Whatever your preference, you can have your pick.

Price as tested: $35,729.00

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