2021 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Image via: Hyundai

The Hyundai Sonata cruises into 2021 with the same dramatic styling since its big redesign last year. A 4-cylinder, turbocharged engine delivers good acceleration and is complimented with sharp handling and a responsive transmission. Pair everything up with a spacious interior that feels upscale and elegant. Levels of luxury that fall well beyond the sticker price, and it would appear that Hyundai intends to continue its rein and reputation for delivering way more for way less. 

Still recovering from a full transformation in 2020, 2021 ushers in only a few changes. Small in number perhaps, but big on impact. A couple extra features make their way in, along with a new wheel/tire combo. The SEL, SEL Plus and Limited model now come with a standard safe-exit warning, which will alert passengers to oncoming traffic when the car is parallel parked and you’re ready to jump out. The most exciting change though might just be the addition of a race-ready N Line model. Which joins the line-up this year. Equipped with a 2.5L turbo four, making 290 hp. We can’t wait to get behind the wheel and experience it for ourselves. 

My Sonata Limited was equipped with all the best bells and whistles from Hyundai. Heated and ventilated seats were highly adjustable, plenty wide, supportive and comfortable. Cameras and sensors surround the vehicle, with helpful angles like a surround view monitor for those tight parking spots. A feature exclusive to the Sonata, and not to be found in the likes of the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima, is the blind-spot view monitor. This extremely handy use of exterior cameras will repurpose the round digital displays behind the steering wheel to a live video feed of your blind-spots when you signal a turn or lane change. With Hyundai incorporating so much technology to look over your shoulder and watch your back, you’ll feel more safe and secure than ever. Because you are.

The cabin space remains minimal and high-tech. Sharp, digital displays and a large, 10.25” infotainment touchscreen are easy to operate, with clean graphics and nice animations. The push button transmission, clean heads-up display and general lack of other buttons and dials give the overall effect of a clutter-free dash that’s modern and elegant. Leatherette-wrapping on the Limited model helps amplify the elegance factor even more. Audio is supplied via Bose. Ambient ribbons of LED light wrap across the dash and along the doors. With any color option across the light spectrum available in the systems settings. Finally, a long, sweeping panoramic sunroof will bathe the whole interior in natural light.

Image via: Hyundai

The list of driving aides, tech and safety features stretch on and on. From Qi charging, Apple and Android connect-ability and a digital key from your smart phone; to a hands free trunk release and rear occupant alert system to ensure that no little ones are accidentally left behind. Many of these features are exclusive to the Sonata and can’t be found in other vehicles in this segment. The icing on it all is that everything looks right, feels right, works right and is integrated with intention and care. Backed by their famous 10-year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, and all at a price that feels very low for everything you’re getting. When it comes to high-value, the Hyundai Sonata is getting harder and harder to beat.

Starting MSRP for Limited trim: $33,950.00

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