2020 Lincoln Corsair

Photo via: Lincoln

The all new for 2020 Lincoln Corsair shares plenty of its DNA with the Ford Escape. As did its predecessor, the MKC. Similarities all but stop once you move past the bare-boned framework though. A second or two is all you need to discover that the Corsair is full of poise and polish. Lincoln has worked overtime to make certain that the Corsair is thoroughly separated and distinguished from the Escape from which it’s based. After some time behind the wheel, it’s crystal clear that their hard work has paid off. 

Lincoln specific design elements are everywhere you look in the new Corsair. From the available technology on board, to the exterior design, upscale interior, high-end materials and luxurious finishes. Dimensions have also been stretched over the former MKC model, resulting in 2.5 additional, precious inches of leg room in the back. 

The new Corsair is the newest member in a Lincoln line-up that has impressed more and more recently. The Navigator standing as a prime example, having re-instated itself as a top luxury SUV in recent years. Especially impressive coming from a domestic auto-manufacturer. The Corsair helps continue the trend of notable luxury offerings, at an approachable starting price-point. It truly delivers across the board. Exterior lines are sleek and luxurious. The ride quality is cushioned and compliant to most road imperfections. Floating you down the highway in quite comfort. You’ll find road and wind noise to be wonderfully muted inside the leather encased interior. 

Photo via: Lincoln

The toggle switches to operate the transmission may take some getting used too, but they have a heavy feel and shiny chrome finish. Speaking of the powertrain, it manages power from either a 2.0L turbocharged base engine, churning out 250 hp, or a scaled up 2.3L turbo making 295 hp. This more powerful option delivers smooth and respectable acceleration. A hybrid version is going to be available at a later time, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime though, I’d strongly recommend the more powerful powertrain combo. 

Enhanced as the new Corsair may be over the Ford Escape, this little Lincoln is up against some heavy competition. Notable models include the balanced Mercedes-Benz GLC, and super stylish Volvo XC60. The latest Lincoln may look the part, and come with plenty of premium building materials, but the overall quality falls a little short compared to many European rivals. A low starting price will help future buyers from having a wandering eye to other brands though. Still, if you add on too many extras, the value will shrivel up fast. The more powerful engine, digital gauge cluster, phone-as-key feature and adaptive dampers can only be found on the Reserve model I enjoyed. Throw in the 24-way seats, tech, luxury and safety items, and it’ll quickly translate to a $10,290.00 up-charge. Suddenly we’ve surpassed a well-equipped and more captivating Audi Q5 or sporty BMW X3.

All things considered, the new 2020 Lincoln Corsair takes the luxury arm of Ford and brings it up to a new level. More options are never a bad thing, and a more modern, luxurious, spacious version of the MKC is something we can all be a little excited about. The new Corsair is a valuable addition to the family. Helping Lincoln continue its domestic charge against European heavy-weights who’ve long held the undisputed title of best luxury SUV’s for your money. Lincoln isn’t there yet, but the Corsair definitely gets them one step closer.

Price as tested: $59,660.00

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