2012 Re-conceptualized Honda Civic Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

For good while now the Toyota Prius has reigned supreme over the field of eco-friendly, fuel efficient vehicles.  But we all know that the Prius is not for everyone.  What if you want a sportier look?  What if you want to buy a vehicle with a more dependable reliability record?  The Prius’ closest cousin, the Honda Insight, is, in many ways, a cheaper, slightly less fuel efficient version of the Prius.  This means that, outside of a lower price tag and a slightly more sporty handling, the Insight is not an alternative option to the Prius.  At least not an alternative in the truest sense of the word.  The answer to this problem has come this year with the unveiling of the new 2012 Honda Civic.

The Civic is now entering its 9th generation with this recent unveiling, marking another step forward in design and innovation for Honda.  The Civic has long ruled the market as the most reliable vehicle on the planet, and that isn’t about to change with the 2012 model.  Sporty and stylish, and now boasting fuel efficiency comparable to the Prius, the new 2012 Honda Civic is giving it’s competition a run for it’s money, and has a good deal to offer to Phoenix Arizona residents.

One aspect of the Prius that many people sight as a reason for opting for that vehicle over a competing brand is the interior dash display.  Between the back-up cam, navigation system, usb device interface, and other features, the inside of the Prius makes people feel as if they are inside of a future piece of technology.  But Honda has answered this problem with the Intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID), which comes as standard on all new Civic models.  The i-MID quickly communicates vital info such as current mpg and overall fuel efficiency via the eco-assist program, as well as interfacing with your smartphone, iPad, or mp3 player to display and allow switching of audio tracks, stations, and volume via it’s wheel mounted controls.  And you can personalize the LCD screen with an electronic wallpaper of your choosing.  The i-MID, of course, also comes with the option of an advanced satellite navigation system with voice recognition, as well as FM Traffic, an option which alerts the driver of traffic congestion and suggests quicker, alternate routes.

The 2012 Honda Civic comes in several models, including coupe, sedan, natural gas, and hybrid.  The coupe gets an impressive 39 mpg, while the hybrid Civic gets an estimated 44 mpg, which is very impressive.  As has been stated before on this blog, fuel efficency is important in a city like Phoenix Arizona, where the standard time spent on the road per week is well above the national average.

The standard coupe model prices start at just over 15k(one of the lowest starting prices on the market), while the hybrid option starts out at just over 24k, which is comparable to the Toyota Prius.

Phoenix Arizona customers can view and test drive any of the vehicles from the selection of the new 2012 line of Civics at any of the Phoenix Valley area Honda dealers.

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