2012 Fisker Karma Offers Solar Hybrid Elegance in a Super Sport Mold

The Danish people are known for many things, liberalism, canals, pastries, but the super sport cars, or automobiles in general, has never been viewed as representative of Denmark in the popular imagination of Phoenix, Arizona, or the world.  That all may change as the auto world becomes more familiar with the design work of Henrik Fisk, a leading automobile designer and CEO of Fisker Couchbuild.  Fisker, until recently, was best known for leading up several high end design teams for the likes of Aston Martin and BMW, but has now teamed up with Southern California based design studio Quantum Technologies.  With it’s first creation, the 2012 Fisker Karma, the company has entered the growing pool of high performance, green, hybrid or all electric vehicles.

The 2012 Fisker Karma is plug in hybrid luxury sports sedan.  The Karma is powered by Quantum Technologies’ Q-Drive technology, an innovative gas engine/electric motor combination; Q-Drive is a series hybrid system meaning that the engine is mated with a generator to provide an electrical connection to the motors and also recharge the batteries and as such the electric motors are the only mechanical driving force connected to the wheels.

One very exciting and practical feature is a solar paneled roof which aids in ion battery recharge as well as interior climate control.  Engineers estimate that in a consistently sunny climate, such as Phoenix Arizona,  this solar power can add more than five miles of additional sun powered range per week.  This sort of innovation can take hybrid vehicles to the next step, to a truly zero emissions point, and a point where they will make the current Toyota Prius models seem like gas guzzlers.

Construction of the first production models started today at Valmet Automotive’s factory in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Fisker has a contract with Valmet to build the cars, and the first of the super-luxe plug-ins are slated for delivery within a month or so.

While the company has not announced which dealerships in the Phoenix Valley area will carry the Karma, Phoenix Arizona residents would do well to keep an eye on the new model line ups at Scottsdale Ferrari, and other such Phoenix Valley area dealerships.

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