2011 Lotus Evora Offers Phoenix Arizona Drivers a Futuristic Italian Style Sport With Luxury English Class

Sometimes when a vehicle gets a certain amount of hype around it, even if for good reason, it can loose a certain amount of allure.  We, as Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts, want our vehicle to operate as an extension of ourselves in a way, a sort of avatar for our on road character.  A unique avatar, something that sets us apart from the herd.  A statement of our general disposition, a vessel via which to convey our tastes and passions.  For the Phoenix Arizona motoring enthusiasts, I give you the 2011 Lotus Evora.

Originally developed under the name ‘Project Eagle’, the Lotus Evora is a sports car produced by the English car manufacturer Lotus.  The first all new model from Lotus in 16 years, the Lotus Evora combines agility and instinctive responsiveness in a way truly unique to the Lotus brand. A lightweight mid-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration results in finesse and feedback like no other, while the optional 2+2 passenger cabin layout brings unrivaled practicality to the sector.

The interior really does deserve a bit of attention.  Designed like a fighter jet cockpit, the cruising experience wraps the driver snugly in a glove of high-tech performance.  Close attention to every component is evident wherever you look. Lotus has a reputation for world-class automotive engineering and this is evident in the flagship Evora. From the elegant cabin, ergonomic instrumentation and trim through to finishing detail, the Evora is a stunning blend of design and performance for the perfect driving experience.

This car is so unique and daring in its design that I am tempted to label it a concept car, only this vehicle is actually in the showroom and on the lot at Scottsdale Ferrari,  waiting to be test driven, and waiting to be bought.

Phoenix Arizona residents can view and test drive the 2011 Lotus Evora at Scottsdale Ferrari, located at 6825 East McDowell Road, on the corner of 68th Street and McDowell Road.

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