2011 Dodge Challenger Harkens to a Golden Age of Muscle

Try to swing by a Phoenix Arizona dealership and pick up a 2011 Chevy Nova, or a brand new Ford Galaxy, you wont have much luck, but try to pick up a 2011 Dodge Challenger and you can find yourself in the drivers seat with ease.

The Dodge Challenger is in its third generation.  Originally a muscle car (some may prefer pony car), the first generation, 1970-1974, had a classic muscle car build based upon the Chrysler e-platform, while the second generation, 1978-1983 was a much tamer and less sporty commuter car.  The third generation, in production since 2008, is a re-birth of the classic American muscle car.  While the Mustang and the Camaro have been able to retain much of their original aesthetic over the years, no one is doing a double take on a Mustang or a Camaro, wondering if maybe they are starring at a museum quality classic muscle car on a performance enhancer.

This third version is a 2-door coupe sharing many common design elements with the first generation Challenger, despite being significantly longer and taller. The chassis is a modified (shortened wheelbase) version of the LX platform that underpins the 2006-Current Dodge Charger, 2005-2008 Dodge Magnum, and the 2005-Current Chrysler 300.  The LX platform was adapted from the Mercedes E Class, reflecting the German company’s ownership of Chrysler at the time and quest for economies of scale.

The interior options include an available sunroof, front bucket seats, angled center console, an available pistol-grip shifter and a new three-spoke steering wheel featuring available integrated audio controls, while the Challenger tunnel-style instrument cluster gauges and available race-inspired pedals are a nod to its heritage.

The bold exterior design of the 2011 Challenger calls back to its classically sculpted muscle car roots, while taking modern knowledge of aerodynamics into account.  The 2011 model includes:

  • Dual round headlamps
  • Performance hood
  • Racing-style fuel door
  • Signature full-width tail-lamp
  • Bright tip dual exhaust

The bottom grille will also be flipped upside down, different from the 2008-10. Chrysler engineers cited airflow as a main reason for the change. For the new SRT8’s, the chin spoiler was also re-engineered and enlarged to create more  down force. It will resemble the ’70 Challenger R/T.

For the 2011 model, Dodge will outfit the base model Challenger with the new Pentastar V6 engine, which boasts a significant increase in power, now up to 305 bhp and 268 lb·ft. The new engine will also be more efficient than the outdated version, featuring cylinder deactivation and dual variable valve timing.

Phoenix Arizona residents can view and test drive the new 2011 Chrysler Challenger at their local Phoenix Arizona Dodge dealer.

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