Beauty is Truly Pain With These Fashion Items

They say that beauty is pain, and when it comes to those 6-inch stilettos, it’s not just your wallet that will be hurting. Wearing high fashion items over a long period of time can majorly affect your health and well-being. Here are some fashion trends to think twice about next time you’re tempted to be en vogue.


Oversized Handbags & Back Pain
Think about how much you tote around all day. It’s easy to throw everything from your phone and wallet to makeup or a book into your handbag. However, the weight of all of these things adds up quickly and takes a toll on your shoulder.

Carrying a handbag that weighs up to 10 pounds causes your spine to curve and eventually lead to neck and back pain. Instead of dedicating all of the weight to one side of your body, choose a cross-body bag that evenly distributes the weight, or at least change sides when wearing a single-strap bag.

Wallets & Sciatica
Guys often carry their wallets in their back pockets. Although this provides easy storage and access, it can be taking a toll on the back. Sitting on a bulky wallet can throw your pelvic balance off and cause chronic back pain in the back, hips and shoulders.

The worst case scenario is compressing the sciatic nerve – which runs from each side of the spine down through the back of each thigh to the foot – to cause a searing leg pain, or sciatica. To avoid this, place your wallet in the front pocket instead of the back when sitting.

Skinny Jeans & Nerves
If you have to do a little dance or leg wiggle in order to get your skinny jeans on, you might want to opt for the season’s loose-fitted boyfriend jeans instead. These skin-tight skinny pants could cause a disorder called meralgia paresthetica, or nerve damage, where the nerves on the outer part of the thigh are so compressed that you feel tingling, numbness and pain.

Rethinking Your “Killer Heels”
Your foot is placed in an unnatural position when you wear heels that are two inches or higher. This causes your body to tilt forward as you arch your back to attempt to redistribute your weight. This abnormal posture creates strain in the knees, hips and lower back. If you wear heels often, try taking a break and alternate between flats or low-heeled shoes.

Source: Huffington Post

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