NEAT Method: Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Spring is in the air and its the perfect time to start fresh and reorganize your home.


Mika Perry, luxury home organizer and owner of NEAT Method in Scottsdale, is offering tips on seven new products out there that get the NEAT stamp of approval as well as a tried-and-true to freshen up a space.

  • Clear off desks and surfaces and assign one inbox for paper and mail. Before the start of each week, go through the inbox to keep piles under control and your office on point. Here’s one that looks great in many spaces.
  • Update vanity accessories with those that mix current trends in materials like brass and marble. This glam makeup brush holder will bring a fresh update to your bathroom counter.
  • Brighten the pantry with versatile solutions, like these Tosca baskets that have clean lines and adds interest.
  • Matching spice jars is one of the easiest ways to level up your kitchen. Handy spice jars are easy to transfer ingredients into, then label with a chalkboard label and paint pen. Handwriting-impaired? Order pre-printed ones like these.
  • Our perennial favorite, the open linen bin, corral closet items like scarves, bags, and other small accessories that can pile up. Best news? They’re currently on a rare sale!
  • Craft room materials, office supplies, or even jewelry can glamorously displayed (and easily stored when not in use) with these clear rose gold boxes.
  • Spring is a great time to purge and reorganize the linen or hall closet where many household items you will use to “spring clean” are stored. Update the space with clean white bins and clear labeling. These cottage bins look woven but are actually plastic so you can wipe out any spills.
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