These Arizona Cities Have the Most Active Lifestyles in the Country

Leading an active and healthy life is a goal shared by Americans of all ages. This desire became even more poignant after spending almost a year cooped up inside and socially distancing during the pandemic. Besides your daily habits, where you live also carries immense weight in determining how active and healthy you can get, with some cities offering just the right mix of resources to help you find your inner runner or to simply get you to go for a walk.

STORAGECafé’ recently analyzed the 100 largest cities in the U.S. by population to see which cities offer an optimal mix of factors to encourage an active lifestyle. The report considered several key indicators that foster an active lifestyle, including venues for exercising, walkability, bike-friendliness, overall health, weather and natural conditions, including park space per capita, air quality index, days with precipitation, beach length and fitness club access and costs, as well as self storage costs – sports, biking and workout equipment is often kept in storage.

In fitness and health, Chandler and Scottsdale ranked number three and four, respectively, among the best cities for an active lifestyle. Seven Arizona cities made the top 100 of best places that support an active lifestyle overall.

In fact, more than half of the 30 best cities for active lifestyles that made the cut are in the Southwest, with 11 of them situated in California and Arizona. With warmer and predominantly sunny weather, these locations are more likely to create a natural environment that fosters elevated physical activity in the out of doors, the report says.

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