4 Ways Wanderlust Inspires Design

Those who love to travel usually return home with more than memories—but with photos and souvenirs as well. It’s only natural that travelers want to show off their mementos, and luckily there are so many creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to do so.



Displaying maps is one of the most interesting ways to pay homage to your favorite destinations. There are so many different ways to present them, from pillows, to prints, to wallpapers, and more. Overall, maps can really tie together a room that is centered around travel design.



Vintage suitcases are one of my favorite travel-inspired design ideas. They can be found at thrift stores and antique malls within any price range, and they can be stacked to decorate a room, or can even be repurposed for a new, unique function.



The thing about purchasing souvenirs while traveling, is that the vast majority of them will just sit and collect dust. For those who are passionate about travel and would love to show off their collection, it would be worthwhile to create a display method, such as shadow boxes, a sand jar from beaches you’ve visited, or a bookshelf of souvenirs. 


Travel Wall

Another one of my favorite wanderlust-friendly design tips is creating a wall dedicated to travel in your home. This way, you can display city skyline photos, maps, shadow boxes of past trips, decorative signs and more. I really like this idea because it can be such a personal way of displaying travel memories.

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