2014’s Best Sports

Take me out to the… But what ball game do Arizonans prefer?  And what are their favorite players in that ball game?

Here in the Valley of the Sun we are proud to be home to some of the country’s best sports and sports teams. From hockey, to baseball, to golf, to football, there is never a time of the year where the Valley’s residents and loyal fans are left without an Arizona sports team to follow.

Arizona Cardinals

However, with Phoenix and Scottsdale offering professional sports teams, intramural teams, a growing golf culture, and so much more, how does one distinguish the best of the best from such an immense array of sports options?


Here at AZ Foothills we provide the solution to this dilemma.  Last year, we gave you our picks for Best Sports in the Valley.  Our list included everything from Best 19th hole to Best Arizona Sports Coach.

In addition to last year’s categories, we are excited to bring a plethora of new additions to our already popular sports section. From Best Indoor Basketball gym to the Arizona team with the most loyal fans, we will have it all!


We aren’t revealing all our new categories just yet! You’ll have to wait until voting begins on October 1.  In the mean time, continue to send in nominations to bestof@azfoothills.com by September 1, 2013.

For more information, like us on AZ Foothills Facebook and follow us on Best of Our Valley Twitter!

The Best of Our Valley 2014 will start before you know it!



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