Yacht Inspired Jeep Shows Off in Paris

A yacht: you can take it anywhere on the open seas, you can fit a good amount of people, you can stay aboard for extended expeditions to exiting and foreign places full of wonder and adventure, you can be cradled in the lap of luxury.  Maybe some lucky and adventure seeking Phoenix Valley residents have had the fortune to experience the sea in this primal way themselves.  Many people though would not have predicated that Jeep would be heading in this direction for its upcoming vehicle lineup.

Chrysler has been bought out by Fiat, which for Jeep lovers means that the iconic and rugged American brand will also be influenced and led by a certain type of Italian sea and sun loving culture.  It was with this new leadership at the helm that Jeep debuted two new concept vehicles at the Paris Motor Show.  Both concepts were designed from the get go with the sea going experience in mind, with two models offered to appease two seperate ideals of what such an experience should be.

For those who love the idea of sailing under the winds of the earth, having no need for gas or engine, only a slight breeze and a thorough knowledge of knot tying, there’s the White Jeep Wrangler by Style & Design.  Said to be inspired by sailing yachts, the White is highlighted in chrome, which covers the 20-inch chrome wheels, seven-slat grille, door handles and trunk hinges. The interior is swathed in Navy White leather with wooden-deck-style coverings for the floors, dash, console, doors and gear lever.

The Black Jeep Wrangler by Style & Design draws inspiration from motoring yachts, making it more modern and technical as opposed to the classic organic feel of the white model.  It is black both inside and out with chrome and wooden deck embellishments similar to its lighter sibling. Both machines are also equipped with canvas awnings and a pair of canvas folding chairs.

As of now these are only concepts, and we have no word as to when they might be sailing to the sandy shores of the Phoenix Valley area.  Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can view and test drive any current production model Jeep at their local Phoenix Valley Jeep dealer.

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