The Electric Motorcycle: New, Improved, and Perfect for the Phoenix Valley Area

Whether you be an expert or a novice, the Phoenix Valley Area, with its predictably dry weather and vast open highway system, is the ideal American city for the motorcycle enthusiast.

The electric motorcycle has increasingly become an attractive option for both the first time buyer and the more experienced rider looking for a more practical upgrade.  Quick, lightweight, and fun to drive, the industry is recognizing that today’s electric motorcycle is a high performance product to be taken seriously.

An electric motorcycle sets its self apart from the electric car in the area of weight.  The beauty of an electric motorcycle, apart from economy and environmental friendliness, is torque.  Acceleration is all about torque.  On a traditional motorcycle, even a classic Japanese racing bike, the acceleration is slowed by the small gas engine’s need to “wind up”.  On an electric bike the torque is immediate, allowing for high speeds in a very short amount of time.  One such example would be Zero Motorcycles’ “Zero S” model, able to reach speeds of 70 mph in under 4 seconds from a standing start.

If zero to 70 in under four seconds and saving potentially thousands of dollars on gas are not enough to convince you, here are some other reasons to try out an electric motorcycle:

*U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are increasing rapidly: Up 16% between 1990 to 2005*

*Two-wheel electric vehicles are 2.7 times cleaner than gas-powered motorcycles and scooters and 10 times cleaner than gas-powered cars*

*By replacing one car 70 percent of the time with a Plug In Motor Sports electric motorcycle or scooter, a household can reduce CO2 emission by five tons a year*

Plug In Motor Sports, located on Chandler Blvd near Chandler Blvd and 48th St, is a great local Phoenix Valley dealership where you can browse, test drive, and experience a new electric motorcycle for yourself.

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