Suzuki Creates Car for the City Dweller


We all can see the trends. Whether it is a mere cursory glance at popular culture, or a more in depth study of cultural migration, people are moving to the cities. Not only are people moving to the cities, but the cities are moving to the cities. This means that big cities are getting bigger, not only from people migrating in from small towns and rural areas, but also from suburbanites moving towards the city center to enjoy the renaissance of culture currently underway in many of our nations great cities.

What does this have to with the vehicle pictured above? Everything. While the values and wonders of light rail and public transit in general can be espoused at great length and with good intent, the fact is that in a western city like the Phoenix Valley area, a car equals freedom. We need the vehicle, because with how spread out everything is, and how quickly we are still growing, expansion of public transit will never keep pace with growth and demand.

So we need the vehicle, but we also want to live in the city. This creates a conundrum for the automotive design houses. They are tasked with designing a car that is thrilling on the road, luxurious in interior atmosphere, is fuel efficient, and can fit neatly and easily into a narrow street side parking space. The Suzuki G70 Concept pictured above is the latest attempt at just such a vehicle.

The G70 Concept demonstrates a new vision for a compact car by incorporating both minimized weight and elaborated dynamics. With Suzuki’s lowest drag coefficient, overall weight reduction, and the use of a highly efficient petrol engine, CO2 emissions are projected to be some of the lowest in the industry.

Also on display will be the Swift Range Extender, Suzuki’s latest development in hybrid vehicle technology. The Swift Range Extender was first shown at the Geneva Show in 2010 and, since then, has undergone further development which has resulted in a 100 per cent improvement in battery driving range, offering a good deal more flexibility.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can stay tuned to Vroom for more information, and can stop by any of their local Phoenix Valley Suzuki dealers to have closer look in person at any current production model.


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