Stand-out SUV’s of 2022.

Image by Lexus

The SUV may be a car category unto itself, but within that category, we find a vast array of options. From high luxury, sporty, on down to tough and tenacious. Here are three for 2022 that we absolutely love.

Lexus GX 460

This miniature Land Cruiser of sorts, represents the most off-road capable of the bunch. With the only body-on-frame construction in its class, and a total of five multi-terrain settings, there won’t be many driving situations too sticky for the GX 460 to confidently deliver you from. There’s standard 4WD, with a transfer case that can run locked or unlocked, in high and low range. A torque-sensing limited slip differential to measure out power equally, and plenty of ground clearance. Everything combined and you’ll always feel in complete control. In control and in complete comfort as a bonus.

Image by Lexus

Macho as all that hardware sounds, surprisingly, there’s nothing rough or rowdy about the ride quality in the sophisticated GX. Adaptive variable suspension continuously adjusts the electronically controlled shock absorbers of individual wheels to optimize the ride quality for everyone on board. You can further tailor the driving experience with modes like Normal, Sport and Comfort. In addition to this, a kinetic, dynamic suspension system can adjust the stabilizer bars to reduce body roll and increase the suspension travel for when the going really gets tough. 

The Lexus GX 460 has never felt more sure-footed and solid, while simultaneously being comfortable, compliant and luxurious. Nothing will handle harder trials one day, and then feel right at home cursing down Beach Dr. In Santa Monica the next. Truly, this is the SUV that covers the broadest swatch of the SUV spectrum. 

Starting at: $55,425.00

Genesis GV70

Taking on the task of challenging European high luxury, is the brand that’s demonstrated time and time again, that you don’t need to pay a million bucks, or even six-figures, to drive something that makes you feel like a million bucks. With athletic styling, a long list of cutting edge tech and impressive overall performance, it’s no wonder the GV70 is an SUV favorite of many a discerning consumer. Genesis has described its design direction in two words, “athletic elegance.” Use ten words if you like, and you couldn’t describe the GV70 any better. 

Image by Genesis

A class-leading 300 hp V6 will be adequate for most, but a twin-turbo, 375 hp option will tease more than a few into a higher price-bracket. The power is polite and linear, but immense. Letting you charge forward with an agility most SUV’s don’t possess. On the inside, it’s apparent that every material was carefully chosen to compliment and elevate the collective experience. Each line carefully drawn, every element honed in to create a stunning blend of colors, textures and finishes. 

Athletic and sophisticated on the outside, luxurious and refined on the inside. With plenty of little technical surprises that stand ready to impress. The most notable being an industry first, finger print scanner to fire up the engine and get the party started. Yes, the Genesis GV70 has taken the SUV segment by storm for all the best reasons. It absolutely excels in every category when assessed separately. Combined together, and the result feels far beyond the incredibly reasonable price-tag affixed.

Starting at: $41,000.00

Acura MDX A-Spec

The redesigned Acura MDX fits a 290 hp V6 engine under the hood. With a double wishbone front suspension for agile and precise handling. This SUV confidently fits the bill for sporty and dynamic. If you’re craving even more performance, than this is your year. The MDX officially is the first SUV from Acura to come with the highest-performing Type S version. A turbocharged, 355 hp, air-suspended, Brembo braking powerhouse. 

Image by Acura

For everyone else, the A-Spec continues to deliver plenty of personality. An NSX inspired red interior with ultra-suede inserts are sure to impress. As will the sporty flat-bottomed sport steering wheel with metal paddle shifters and matching pedals. Already blessed with an imposing design, the A-Spec package adds in 20” shark-grey wheels and various other black accents. Fast, aggressive and a dependable Honda at heart, the MDX has never looked or felt better. Or brought the exciting Type S option to the table. 

Starting at: $58,400.00

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