Q&A With Corbin Chamberlin on the 2013 Cadillac ATS

When fashion and luxury journalist Corbin Chamberlin gives a product a nod of approval, we take note. The New York Times and Financial Times contributor, Chamberlin was asked to get behind the wheel of the ATS for a few days and experience the ride; he was not disappointed. Read on as we collected Corbin’s thoughts on the 2013 Cadillac ATS.

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Image via Cadillac

Arizona Foothills Magazine: What were your initial thoughts when you first saw the ATS?

Corbin Chamberlin: Working in fashion journalism, I’ve gotten to be pretty quick to determine excellent design;  Though this specimen was on the driveway instead of the runway, I immediately observed the ATS’s sleek lines and overall dapper vibe. You immediately think “that’s a good looking car.”

AFM: So the outside of the car looked good, how about the interior?

CC:  The inside compliments the exterior perfectly. High-tech meets low-key wrapped in an ultra-luxurious package. The handcrafted cut-and-sewn interior  hinted at something you would see on a Hermés handbag; haute and hearty. The real wood accents and “light platinum” finishes were not over thought, you aren’t at all intimated by a sea of gadgets and buttons. A to-the-point touchscreen controls everything in the ATS, it’s not complicated and easy to use during driving.

AFM: How did the ATS drive? 

CC: This car is not just a looker; magic happens when foot-meets-pedal in the ATS. You’re greeted by the strong roar of the engine with the push-start, before getting to know the fierce exhilaration of the 272 HP turbo motor. I was in the 2.0 model and couldn’t believe the power it put out. Nearly shocked, in fact. Though the car is quick, the spot-on handling and stability keeps you in complete control. The ATS is nearly without road noise, but the little that is there can be remedied with the Bose sound system.

AFM: What type of driver is the Cadillac ATS for? 

CC: The ATS is for that driver who doesn’t follow the flock of other luxury auto buyers; this person dismisses mundane motors for a more original and thoughtful car. It’s the understated grandeur and jovial ride that I’m most attracted to.

Image via Cadillac
Image via Cadillac



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