Porsche Luxury Design Store Comes to North America

“In a perfect experience, the clothes you put on each day are the products of relationships. You might know the gentleman who made your coat. Maybe you’ve visited the factory your shoes come from. Or maybe you just had a great day when you purchased the tie you’re throwing around your neck. Relationships and objects become indistinguishable. This is where dressing becomes something of substance.” — Stephen Pulvirent

The same could be said of the car you drive.  Especially in the  Phoenix Valley area, where one has a close intimate relationship with their vehicle, where one may log a large number of hours in the drivers seat, the car serves as a sort of outfit, what you put on when you leave the house, the outer dressing that conveys your personality and character to the outer world.  Porsche, long a company that has served a population of automotive enthusiasts worldwide who view the vehicle as not merely a mode of transport, but a mode of culture, lifestyle, and yes, fashion.  Porsche has taken this long held understanding to the next level by opening its very own boutique store this week in Manhattan.

“With the store in SoHo we are taking the Porsche Design luxury brand to the next level – not only in New York City and the United States of America but globally”, says Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO of Porsche Design Group. “Porsche Design SoHo is the world’s largest store and brings our philosophy of ‘Iconic Style’ alive. The boutique will not only set its footprint within Lower Manhattan but also become a landmark for shopping enthusiasts around the world. The idea behind that new store and our whole lifestyle matches perfectly with the Manhattanites’ lifestyle.”

The store will feature a men’s collection and a much extended ladies’ collection with leather jackets, premium jeans, and upper wear.  The store will also offer a range of Porsche Design luxury products, from luggage and eyewear to watches, jewellery, mobile phones, and writing tools.

While this particular store will serve as the solo flagship for North America, it is an experiment in a colliding world of fashion and automotive design.  If the store is successful then we will likely see another one in Los Angeles, and eventually we will be looking forward to seeing one in the Scottsdale Old Town shopping district.  Stay tuned to Vroom to find out when the Porsche Design Store will be coming a little closer to the Phoenix Valley area.


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