Morgan EvaGT Offers Classic Luxury and Room

And the award for luxury European car most likely to draw comparisons between you and the monopoly man goes to: The Morgan EvaGT.

The Morgan EvaGT debuted to much acclaim last year at Pebble Beach.  Combining the elegance of a classic Rolls Royce with the sportiness of a Bugatti Veyron, the new Morgan EvaGT was designed with the intent to offer the best of three worlds: Economy, Interior Room, and of course Elegance.

In the area of economy, the Morgan EvaGT makes full use of clever technologies that the Morgan Motor Company has developed to manufacture a lightweight car. Morgan was one of the first car companies to see the advantage of a bonded aluminium chassis to give rigidity but also to save weight. The EvaGT uses a further developed version of the bonded aluminium chassis of the Morgan Aero SuperSports, a chassis that successfully competes in International GT3 Sports Car Racing. Compliant with European and US safety approvals.

The EvaGT is a four seater, a defining element which goes far to separate it from the pack of super sport cars and many of the most luxurious cars on the market.  Morgan wanted a car which not only appealed to solo road warriors, but also appealed to those with a family or more need in general for passenger space.

A perfect “A” class surface, minimal shut lines, hidden wipers, flush door handles and sharp creases deflect air over the surface of the car. The new Morgan EvaGT represents a philosophy of lightweight luxury that embraces authenticity, sustainability and innovation achieving its final result through the process of skilled craftsmanship.

The Morgan Family is a somewhat exclusive club, partly due to price, and partly due to geography.  A small luxury outfit has little use or need for ubiquitous dealerships.  Interested parties however, can contact Morgan directly, or attend a showing in nearby Los Angeles.


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