Mercedes Benz Debuts Luxury Furniture Line in Milan

Summer is coming upon us here in Phoenix, and with it the sweltering heat that reaches heights above 120 degrees.  For some of us, particularly those who moved here from colder environs, the heat serves as a siren song to leave the home or office, to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D from the Sonoran Desert sun.

For the majority, however, the opposite is likely the case.  Many Phoenicians find themselves spending the summer months inside, basking in air conditioned living rooms, surrounded by cold leather furniture and pitchers of iced tea.  To those Phoenix Valley residents, the ones who are more likely to sit still than drive around town, Mercedes-Benz has something special to offer.

Mercedes-Benz has brought their unmistakable styling and high standard of luxury and quality to the living room.  In collaboration with the Formitalia Luxury Group, the foremost Italian manufacturer of high end designer furniture, Mercedes-Benz has debuted their very own line of highly thought out and stylized home furnishings.

“Formitalia and Mercedes-Benz stand for top quality and exquisite workmanship which embodies luxury and passion.  We are therefore extremely pleased to create the first Mercedes-Benz Style furniture collection together with Formitalia”, says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz.

He continues, “The various pieces of furniture reflect the progressive, dynamic design idiom of our current show cars and concept vehicles, offering an exclusive, emotional experience outside our vehicles as well.  The interplay between dynamic proportions, naturally stretched forms and curved lines conveys an extraordinary harmony and modern ease.  The furniture gives the impression of floating in space.”

The furniture collection comprises one sofa, a chaise longue, a dining room table, various chairs, a sideboard, a shelf unit with integrated home theatre system, a chest of drawers and a bed.

“We very much admire the superb design skills and high-quality materials of Mercedes-Benz and are delighted to be able to bring the typical Mercedes elegance and sense of well-being into the home”, says Gianni Simone Overi, CEO of the Formitalia Luxury Group.

All the pieces are being manufactured and distributed by Formitalia and will be sold worldwide via exclusive furniture stores, showrooms and interior design shops beginning in October 2012.

Phoenix Valley residents should keep their eyes tuned to Vroom for updates as to where to find this high end furniture line when it finally arrives in the Phoenix Valley area.

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