BMW Unleashes Vintage Style Racing Concept

BMW has chosen this month’s Geneva Motor Show in Geneva Switzerland to debut its new BMW M135i Concept(pictured above).

The design of the BMW M135i Concept hearkens back to another era of hot rodding.  Of course this type of vintage hatchback hot rod design is unexpected from BMW as this vein of the hot rodding tradition is American through to the bone.  Suffice it to say, just because something is unexpected does not mean that it is unwelcome.

Compared with the silhouette of the five-door BMW 1 Series, the three-door BMW Concept M135i makes an even more sporting and elegant statement. On the whole, the car has a more dynamic and elongated appearance. Viewed from the side, the car’s athletic, low slung appearance and its nearness to the road are even more intensely expressed by an entirely horizontal contour line in the area of the doorsills. A dynamically rising character line symbolises the BMW Concept M135i’s urge to move forwards.

The wide doors are a further characteristic feature of the BMW Concept M135i’s body design. Together with the rear side windows, the frameless windows form a coherent window surface reaching back to the rear end, accentuating the body’s dynamically stretched

The world premiere of the BMW Concept M135i will take place at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, 6th March.  While we currently have no word as to when to expect the BMW Concept M135i to hit the sandy shores of the Phoenix Valley area, we do know that concepts with a strong hint pf promise (such as the M135i) tend to take two or three years to come to full fruition.

Phoenix Valley automotive enthusiasts can view and test drive any current production model BMW vehicle at their local Phoenix Valley BMW dealer.

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