BMW MINI Scooter E Brings High Tech to a Classic Design

The summer is upon the Phoenix Arizona Valley, and with it the kind of warm temperatures that make the more adventurous of us want to hit the highway for a road trip in an open air vehicle.  Convertibles are not for everyone, nor are motorcycles, and a Vespa, while cool and fun to drive, leaves something to be desired in the power, speed, and technology  department.  This is where the new BMW MINI Scooter E Concept comes into play.  Not only is this an all electric, high speed scooter, but it blends telematic user interface with your smartphone in a way which no vehicle ever has.

The MINI Scooter E Concept imitates it’s its four-wheeled namesake in many ways.  Marketed as an ideal way to navigate heavily congested urban centers, it is a very compact step-through design. Its features were created to maintain the same proportional balance as the popular car, from the size of the scoot in relation to its 11-inch wheels, to its small, round mirrors.

The scooter targets the “Wired” generation of Phoenix Arizona drivers with it’s integration of the smartphone into the operational display. The cockpit has a center speedometer with a snap-in adapter that plugs into a smartphone, which serves as the vehicle’s key, display, and central control element. As soon as the rider docks their phone and powers it up, the engine revs and the scooter is ready to go. The smartphone can be used as a navigation system, music player, or telephone, and can also be connected to a Bluetooth system.

The MINI Scooter E Concept is powered by an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel. The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery installed under the scooter’s seat that can be recharged at any conventional power socket using an on-board charging cable. The connecting cable is also neatly integrated into the rear of the MINI Scooter and its plug fits into any conventional three-pronged socket.

Initially there are two scooter options, a two seater and a solo rider package. The solo saddle represents the sportier version with a dark brown leather seat and shabby chic upholstery.

Phoenix Arizona customers can keep an eye out for a soon to be coming production model of the MINI Scooter at their local Phoenix Valley area BMW dealer.

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