2022 Toyota Highlander Bronze Edition

Image via: Toyota

The Toyota Highlander already has plenty of appeal. There’s room for a family of seven. It’s AWD, with enough ground clearance for more rugged terrain. It has a 3,500 lb. towing capacity to pull all of your toys around. The higher-up models even come with a 243 hp hybrid set-up, capable of netting you 35 mpg around town, and on the highway. Well rounded as this package may appear, Toyota released a somewhat confusing, or maybe intriguing Bronze Edition of the Highlander for 2022. What does a Bronze edition of a car look like or even mean? Let’s find out.

First and most notably, the Bronze edition Toyota Highlander does not come with a Bronze paint option. It does offer  Midnight Black, Pearl or Cement Grey, which contrast against the bronze accents perfectly. Instead, the single largest bronze element are the wheels. 18-inches and completely unique with this special finish. Surprisingly, that about wraps it up for the outside. Most of the special Bronze Edition treatment has been reserved for the interior of the Highlander. 

Image via: Toyota

For starters, a bronze stripe runs vertically down the top-part of the seats. Adorning the center console, seats and dashboard is bronze stitching. Floor mats come with the Highlander logo in, that’s right, bronze embroidery. In close proximity are door sills, in a soft, metallic bronze finish. It’s a unique effect, setting the interior apart from other Highlander models. With the grey interior color-scheme, it certainly works, though still won’t be for everyone. Regardless, Toyota is smart to not rely wholly on the practical merits of the Highlander. Instead giving us the option to choose something a little funky if we want.

Price as tested: $47,013.00

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