2013 MINI Roadster is a Convertible with Character

Picture Bruce Willis, Mr. Clean, and classic film actor Telly Savalas.  What do they all have in common?  They are all as bald as is humanly possible, and thus are indistinguishable from more than ten yards away.  Unfortunately a car, when offered in a convertible model, tends, like a man who shaves his head, to lose some key defining characteristics, the elements that allow it to stand out in a crowd.  Or at least this is the way it tends to go.  MINI, with the recent debut of the 2013 MINI Roadster (pictured above), is stating that the convertible class is no longer content to simply blend into the wood work while allowing the breeze to pass through the drivers hair.  This is one convertible that people will notice.

MINI is surging into the future with this expansion of its model family.  The MINI Roadster is the sixth model in the brand’s current line-up and the first open-top two-seater in its history.  The typically elegant MINI interpretation of the compact car, this two-seater sports car offers a unique package designed to appeal to demanding target groups with a taste for luxury sportiness, spontaneous open-top driving fun, and strong, no punches pulled design, including world class handling fuelled by a powerful engine and a sophisticated chassis technology.

With a clear focus on two-seat design and the open-air driving experience, this car handles like a world class racing vehicle with sporting charisma, short overhangs, powerful over-the-wheel stance, and high waistline typical of MINI.  Offering all of this in a compact and visually appealing package, the MINI Roadster is sticking to the the classic elements which have brought the brand this far.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can keep an eye out for the new 2013 MINI Roadster to be arriving on the sandy shores of the Phoenix Valley area sometime in the summer of 2012.  Keep tuned to Vroom for more updates as they come in.

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