2011 Singer Porsche 911 is a Hot Rod with Class

Hot Rodding in the Phoenix Valley area, as is the case in many western cities, is ingrained in the streets and also in the history of the neighborhoods and personalities of those who inhabit them.  Hot Rodding is about performance, but also about style, class, and vintage appeal.  Between the newer Cayman models and the revitalized Singer Porsche 911, the Porsche brand is reminding auto enthusiasts everywhere that you need not sacrifice class and vintage appeal for performance.

The difference between the Cayman R or S and the Singer Porsche 911 is that the Singer model is actually built from an original vintage frame and platform, as opposed to merely a vintage inspired design that you would find with the Cayman.

The Singer 911 model features a 3.82-liter normally aspirated flat six, 9m individual throttle bodies and camshaft, and a light weight stainless steel header.  Going from Omph to 60mph in under four seconds, while reaching top speeds over 170mph, this car was built for hot rodding.  Yet, as we all know, hot rods are not only recognized for their performance ability and specs, but for their distinct aesthetic appeal, and the Singer Porsche 911 is no exception to this rule.  With retro-mod curves and angles, this car would look equally appropriate on a race track, out on the town, or in a chase scene in a 1960s spy caper.  Essentially, this car is defined by class.

The main visual keynote is the prominent rear spoiler molded into the engine cover. This “duck-tail” rear-spoiler, the first on a 911 road car, keeps the rear firmly planted at speed by reducing lift from 320 to just 93 pounds. It also improves airflow through the engine-cover grille and moves the effective center of pressure about six inches rearward as another aid to stability.

As for the Singer brand, Singer Vehicle Design is dedicated to the design, engineering and crafting of the world’s most respected high performance cars. Founded in 2009, Singer Vehicle Design is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of the industry’s most respected engineers.  The Singer 911 attempts to channel the spirit of the pure and delicate 1964 original, the race-bred chic of the ‘70s “longhoods”, the ‘80s’ bomb-proof solidity, and the power and sophistication of the 964/993 series: a jewel-like form that singularly represents and celebrates the golden air-cooled era of the world’s most important sports car. Singer Vehicle Design is based in Los Angeles, CA(a short flight from the Phoenix Valley area, and a short drive back in a classic Porsche 911). More information about Singer Vehicle Design is available at singervehicledesign.com  You can also stop by any Phoenix Valley area Porsche dealer and take a look at newer non-Singer 911 to get a feel for the model.

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