Teen Dating Tips

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Dating can be complicated, especially as a teen. Trying to find your match in today’s society can be really frustrating. Dating should be fun, as well as going on dates being a great excuse to give yourself a pamper. We understand how hopeless dating can make you feel, but there are a few ways you can make it a little less complicated. 

  1. Start from Friendship 

When dating someone, people often blame splitting up or the end of a relationship on their partner/date “revealing their true colors.” When you think you are so close to someone, and they turn out to be someone completely different from what you believed, it can be really disheartening. The best way to avoid this is to start with being friends. When being friends, people are less likely to put together a fake persona to try and impress you. You get to know the real them. There are countless ways to make new friends that could become potential dates online. For example, using websites for teen dating is a fun way to meet new people online that are also looking for new friendships or relationships.

Being online friends with someone before you start dating in real life also gives you a stronger connection. You will learn things about each other while being friends that allow you to understand each other as you begin dating better. As your friendship remains in part of your romance, dating someone you have been friends with means you know how to have fun with each other and enjoy each other’s company even on bad days before you even begin dating, and usually you have to work that part out as you go along. So, starting from a friendship means you’re more likely to maintain a happy relationship with your chosen person. 

  1. Take It Nice and Slow

As tempting as it can sometimes be to jump the gun, taking your time and putting on the breaks is important. Not only does taking things slow keep the excitement alive and keep you both wanting more, but it also helps you understand each other much better. It’s important to go slow because when you first start dating someone online, you enter the first “honeymoon” phase during your relationship. This means that because of the excitement of being in a new relationship, they are more likely to try harder to impress you and make you happy. Sometimes these phases can last a while, but the start of a relationship is usually the most exciting and romantic part. Finding someone that can keep up the same effort throughout the whole of the relationship is more important. Many people often find that they “get bored” in the relationship after this “honeymoon” phase which causes the relationship to end. Making a person wait for the best parts of you reveals how dedicated they are to sticking around. 

  1. Know Yourself

It’s important you understand your own boundaries and expectations before you get caught up in a relationship. It’s unfair to expect someone else to have you figured out if you can’t understand yourself. Be aware of what you are asking for and what you need to be happy in a relationship, and communicate this with each other once you do get into a relationship. 

  1. Listen to Your Heart as Well as Your Head 

Your brain makes decisions based on what you know to protect yourself. Your heart makes decisions based on what you feel to get you what you want. There is a thin line between the two, and sometimes it is difficult to tell your head and your heart apart. But sometimes, it’s important to listen to your heart because even though your head wants to protect you, taking a leap of faith because of what you feel can lead to unexpected things and give you the truth.

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