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Ask the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Repta: Downsizing Breast Implants

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Downsizing: When it comes to breast implants, it can be a good thing!

I’ve had a few questions recently about “going smaller”—women wanting to downsize their breast implants. A simple breast implant exchange is not challenging to accomplish, however, we often need to have previous breast implant pocket modified so that the new, smaller implants are higher up on the chest. Therefore, when patients want to get smaller implants they also frequently want perkier breast shape with similar type cleavage.

The term for the procedure to reshape the breast implant pocket is called capsulloraphy. This means to repair the capsule. What this entails is suturing the internal breast implant pocket from the larger implants to allow the new smaller implant to sit higher up on the chest. Believe it or not, although this sounds simple it can be one of the more challenging procedures to do just right.

Below is a before and after photo of one of my patients that had smaller implants placed and a capsulloraphy performed.   As you can see, her after result has smaller breasts overall but perkier and more naturally positioned.


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