DIY Thanksgiving Nail Art

Before you begin your Thanksgiving festivities this holiday, you might want to try some of these fun do it yourself nail ideas!  These trendy and festive nails are easy to-do, and are a fun activity while you await your Thanksgiving feast.

Pumpkin Pie


These nails are simple and sassy! All you have to do is apply a base coat of white, and then add a coat of confetti lacquer.

The Terrific Turkey


These fun nails can be found from  All you need is some warm Thanksgiving colors to vary the feather colors.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


How fun are these Snoopy and Woodstock nails from “Amber Did It”?  To achieve this look, apply a warm base coat color, and use your creative ability to put your favorite Thanksgiving cartoon characters on your nails!

A Splash of Gold and a Turkey Hand to Hold


Add some sass to your Thanksgiving nails with a splash of shimmery gold.  Paint some turkeys on every other nail with glittery gold on the leftover nails to achieve this look.

A Splash of Thanksgiving Color


AZ Foothills Magazine loves this look from!  This look requires Thanksgiving nail colors, along with a toothpick.  To get the perfect dots on your fingers, dip your toothpick in the polish so just a dab of paint is on it.  Then, beginning with the tip, dot your nails in random places, alternating between different Fall colors.

A Little Bit of Everything Thanksgiving


We love these fun Thanksgiving nails! Each nail has a different painting of Thanksgiving objects on them!

Thanksgiving Color on the Tips


This is another easy to-do nail art idea.  After applying white as a base coat, take this China Glaze nail polish (available at most drug stores) and apply beginning at the tip of your nail, moving up to the nail bed.

I’m Feeling a Little Leafy


These fabulous Fall nails require no talent.  Quantum Leaf is an actual nail polish color that come out of the bottle painted like cute Fall leaves. It’s fun, easy and just plain adorable.

A Bright and Happy Thanksgiving to Me


Thanksgiving is a time to be happy and thankful for all the people around you! These bright Thanksgiving nails, with yellow on the tips, are the perfect nails for the bright and happy Thanksgiving lovers.


These are only some of the fun Thanksgiving nail art ideas.  Try some of these fun ideas, or use some of your own creativity to come up with some fantastic Thanksgiving nails.

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