Cool Product Alert: Yonanas

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through a magazine when I came across a product mention: Yonanas. An “ice cream treat maker” that turns frozen fruit (without the addition of sugar, milk…anything!) into a soft serve-like dessert. Basically, you feed frozen fruit into the machine and it comes out into a bowl as a creamy heap. As a mom–and a lover of sweets–I am always looking for ways to get healthful food into my son’s belly and ideas to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling guilty. So, I gave this seemingly miracle machine a go.
In short, I heart Yonanas big time. Many of the reviews I read before getting the Yonanas were positive except for two downfalls: the machine was loud (um, so is nearly every other countertop kitchen appliance) and that users had to use all their might to squeeze the frozen fruit in the machine. If following the Yonanas instructions of allowing the frozen fruit to thaw for about 15 minutes prior to use, I found it was easy-peasy to push the fruit into the machine. Not exertion needed. My only negative? Much of the creamy goodness gets stuck in the machine. So before I serve up a bowl of Yonanas, I am sure to scrape the inside of the machine first. Oh, and now my freezer is full of frozen bananas.
I have used an assortment of fruits thus far in my Yonanas: bananas (one to two bananas is a perfect adult-size serving), strawberries, cherries, a berry assortment. While the bananas come out creamy, the other fruits have more of a sorbet texture and taste. They actually remind me of real-fruit ice pops–in a bowl. And Yonanas even comes with a recipe book that helps you get creative by adding chocolate, herbs, peanut butter and more.
Best of all, my son loves it. He gets plenty of fruit, and I can even sneak in fruits he might not otherwise eat. And now that summer is here, anything that can cool you down–and is healthy, to boot–is OK by me. About $50.

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