Roadtrip to The Springs Resort & Spa for a nourishing, relaxing and holistic getaway

A trip for your mind, body, and wallet is an old-fashioned road trip from Phoenix to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, just an eight-hour drive.

Say adios to the airport and rent an RV (all the rage!) or hop in your car and take advantage of affordable gas prices and escape to a super cool and funky 50’s a motor lodge which sits near the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring,

With the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring at its core, Mother Nature is the star at The Springs Resort & Spa located in a quaint Western town nestled along the banks of the San Juan River.

At over 1,002 feet deep, “The Mother Spring” not only provides geothermal energy to The Springs Resort & Spa – constantly feeding mineral water to 24 smaller pools terraced along the riverbank, with water temperatures ranging from 80 degrees to 114 degrees – but also provides heat to schools, many municipal and county buildings and breweries in the town of Pagosa Springs.

Overnight guests at the 79-room, pet-friendly riverfront resort enjoy a special perk: 24/7 access to its varied and wondrous steamy soaking pools, creating their own magical mist-ery tour with every visit.

With new ownership, The Springs Resort & Spa is poised to cast a keen eye on the health benefits that hot springs have been providing for centuries as a natural, healing antidote to the stresses of modern living.

With day passes starting at just $35, good health becomes attainable to a broader audience, further underscoring the idea of the “democratization of wellness.”

And, The Springs is on the right track as the global wellness economy is booming. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the leading nonprofit industry research authority, wellness tourism is currently a $639 billion global economy with hot springs accounting for a $58.2 billion portion of that market.

The word SPA is said to have derived from the Latin solus per aqua, or “health by water,” and for centuries cultures around the world have practiced “contrast bathing” – hot or warm soaks or steams followed by immersion in cold water or cold air– to aid in everything from building the immune system to treating allergies.

The cool water of the San Juan River and the chilly mountain air make for wonderful contrast bathing between Pagosa’s warm therapeutic
mineral pools in any season.

Health Benefits

The terraced riverside pools of the resort evoke the dramatic landscape of the ancient caldera that gave birth to the geothermal spring eons ago.

The therapeutic and rejuvenating waters in these pools – which are the only soaking pools in Pagosa to get water directly from the naturally occurring artisanal Mother Spring — contain 13 different nutrient-rich minerals, including lithium, potassium, iron, and manganese.

This unique mineral composition is said to have many health benefits such as: ridding the body of toxins, reducing blood pressure, improving digestion, boosting brain activity, and building musculoskeletal health.

However, for many hot spring soakers, the most immediate response is pain relief and relaxation due to the sulfur content in the water which acts as an anti-inflammatory.


Beyond the irresistible soaking-pools-with-a-view, there is also a full-service spa at the resort, offering a range of massages – many using essential oils made from local plants and flowers – and sophisticated facial treatments.

A bonus: each 60-minute spa treatment includes an all-day, General Admission Soaking Pass.

The spa’s not-to-be-missed experience is the outdoor Aqua Zen Therapy by David Dolan, trained in cranial sacral massage at the famed Upledger Institute.

The treatment takes place in an upper-level VIP pool, with the guest floating in a face-up position as David guides a gentle underwater massage that helps lengthen the spine and rejuvenate both the central nervous and immune systems — while stresses melt away in the warm, buoyant mineral water.


Guests can choose from Classic, Deluxe, and Luxury room and suite categories, divided among three distinct buildings.

The resort’s original building was opened as a motor lodge in the 1950s and offers quaint and updated accommodations where crisp white linens are juxtaposed with historic sepia-toned photos.

The newest is a three-story, 29-room building called The Lodge, – the first Gold LEED Certified hotel building in Colorado – which houses the new check-in and reception area and a three-story atrium-style Great Room with the Phoenix Bar along its back wall.


Boasting 300 days of sunshine, Pagosa Springs offers year-round renewal in what has been called “Mother Nature’s Water Park” since it features the most geothermal pools in one location in Colorado.

The Springs offers a “beach vacation in the mountains” where old and young, couples and singles, are invited to soak…renew…and repeat.

There is also a range of après soak activities just minutes away — rock-climbing, hot air ballooning, fly-fishing, horseback riding, hiking, rafting and floating the San Juan River, plus skiing and a variety of winter activities.

A footbridge connects the resort to bars, restaurants, breweries, and shops located in the heart of downtown Pagosa Springs.

A year-round calendar of events including Backcountry Film Festival, Pagosa Folk & Blue Grass Festival, Pints and Pools Craft Beer Fest, 4th of July Parade, Carnival and Rodeo, and Skis & Saddles Skijor, offer something for everyone in this picturesque mountain town 50 minutes east of Durango, Colorado and approximately 3 hours from both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM.


Overlooking the river, The Café is ideal for breakfast and lunch, offering breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and snacks and specializing in sweet & savory crepes.

The casual, open-air Barefoot Grill overlooks the terraced soaking pools and the river and serves burgers, wraps, salads, chicken, fries, local beers, and more.

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COVID-19 Update

The Springs Resort is now open to all guests. They are admitting a limited number of guests to the resort in accordance with the “Safer At Home” executive order announced by Governor Polis.

They will be following the state’s guidelines of maintaining a sustainable level of social distancing and upholding the directive to wear masks in public settings. 

Most Importantly – Relax!  Our guests tell us that they come to our magical waters for health, wellness and relaxation. 

The last few months have been difficult on all of us and our team is here to help ensure that you can enjoy the renewal and rejuvenation that you deserve.

For more information regarding their COVID-19 safety protocols visit:

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