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Currently the FDA is not holding drug companies accountable.


New federal laws will be created to hold drug manufacturers accountable for adverse side effects.  Drug company board members to be prosecuted criminally with real prison terms for allowing any drug with adverse side effects worse than the aliment and or highly addictive.


Any drugs with severe adverse side effects require a video describing all side effects in detail to be watched by all consumers before any harmful medication is consumed by the general public.  Only after they respond electronically they have reviewed the adverse side effects can they be issued the prescription.  Additionally any real natural solutions that may be available for that particular ailment must be shown to the consumer so an intelligent decision can be made.


If a drug companies is aware of severe adverse side effects and are convicted for keeping the adverse side effects secret that result in peoples deaths the CEO of that drug company along with the COO and board members can be charged with murder. 


The president to change the DESHA act/law passed in 1994 that prevents and bans all natural products to make medical claims despite the fact that many of natural products can help cure cancer, diabetes, depression and ADD to name a few.  If an all-natural product is backed by a legitimate clinical that natural product would be given the right to make the medical claim to treat diabetes.



$1 billion in federal funding will be made available for companies that claim they have natural products that can cure cancer, diabetes, ADD, depression and other ailments will go into effect immediately after the DESHA act is modified to allow natural products to compete with Pharma drugs.  This will insure that natural products will be safe and effective.


Any natural product making a health claim to compete with Pharma medications must have two clinical studies as a minimum with a minimum of 20 participants and the clinical study must be conducted in the United States by an approved clinical practitioner.



A new federal law passed to require ALL clinical studies for drug approved by the FDA to be done in the United States.


Ban DRUG COMPANIES (like we banned tobacco) from advertising on TV


Pass a federal law that would prevent any drug company from price gouging that would prevent a person from being able to afford the drug. 


No more mandating ADD medications in schools.  Parents will determine if their children will be using medications.