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Police forces should no longer be allowed to police themselves.  Typically police unions prevent reasonable disciplinary action from being taken when a formal complaint is filed against an officer of the law.  We do not believe that defunding the police is a sensible solution but we do believe that the police brutality will never stop if police departments are not held accountable to a higher authority.  We believe that most police officers are good hearted people that risk their lives to keep us safe.  It is the few corrupt police officers who are truly bad who must be eradicated out of all police forces immediately or social unrest will continue.  


We propose that a new federal agency be established FIP – Federal Investigations of Police, solely dedicated to investigate police corruption and abuse of power.  

This will give the good police officers an anonymous, federal agency that will come in and conduct an independent investigation at any level of allegation of police corruption and or excessive force.   By having a legitimate federal agency the police will rid their departments of corrupt officers that are causing the ongoing cycle of abuse.  The new federal agency will be comprised of citizens without police or military backgrounds.  This agency will have the ability to remove any police officer and bring federal charges against officers for corruption or abuse of power. 


Body cams.  New federal legislation will require that all police officers in the field wear body cam gear at all times when all arrests are made. 


Officers must check their camera gear and test the equipment every morning.  If the equipment is broken new equipment is issued or the officer does not work that day.


If an arrest is made and the body cam was not working this results in an immediate dismissal of the case and charges. 


Unless a police officer is in pursuit of a known person who is wanted for homicide lethal force is never used unless the officer is in fear of his life.   


If a suspect is shot in the back a homicide investigation is then immediately launched by the new federal agency.


Choke holds are no longer allowed to be used unless a suspect is resisting arrest.  Verbal abuse does not constitute resisting arrest


Tasers – can be used in pursuit of suspect only if they are running away or resisting arrest.  To shoot a person with a Taser because of verbal abuse would be a violation of the law.


Police officers will be mandated to carry Bola Wrap, a new technology that will enable police officers to apprehend a suspect without excessive and lethal force.   


Therapy will now be available for officers of the law at no charge.  This will no longer be internal therapy.  Officers will have the right to choose their own therapist and federal grant money will pay for that therapy.  Officers will not have to report why they are seeking therapy. 


Education – all police officers will be required to take at least one hour per month of community class training conducted by the community.


New hiring criteria for police officers will be established.  Currently to become a police officer you can have no criminal record. This will be changed.  By hiring only people with military backgrounds, or individuals with impeccably clean backgrounds prevents us from hiring people the community will better related to.


Police officers must be held to a higher accountability.  At the end of each year all police officers will be subject to a polygraph test to ensure they themselves are not breaking the law and or using excessive force.


Changing the drug testing for police officers.  Today many police officers drink alcohol to take off the edge.  This is bad for them and bad for society.  Federally legal hemp can help police officers deal with their stress and help them get a good night sleep.  Why would we deprive them of this?  Hemp use will now be allowed by our nation’s police force that is within the federal legal limit of 0.3 or less THC.  This medicine needs to be available to officers immediately.


Community programs between students and police officers

We the people can ask to hold officers to higher standard but we need to remember they have a very tough job.  They deal with life and death situations every day.   DARE was a program to keep kids off drugs by the police department.  This did not reduce drug use so new programs that have real results will be created to establish better relationships between students and police officers.  Programs where police officers simply share their real life stories with students will create a bond between police officers and youth.