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When you want to keep your home and family secure, you need to use affordable methods of protection. The list below explains how you can secure your home without spending too much money. You can make changes to the house over the course of a year, and it will be much more secure. You may also add something right now that is much easier to manage.

Use a Doorbell Camera or Similar Entryway Device

A POE camera system for your home is affordable and easy to install. These cameras are powered by internet-connected ethernet cable. This enables them to run all day without wearing out. You might want a doorbell camera that shows you who is at the door when they walk up, or you could place a camera outside the door that lets you view your porch with ease. Some people have a gate or driveway camera that shows them who has driven up, and you might go so far as placing a secondary camera on your backdoor in case anyone comes to the rear of the property.

Get a New Garage Door Opener

A new garage door opener is not expensive, and it can be installed quickly because the technology is so advanced. New garage door openers work over wifi, and they are encrypted so that they cannot be opened by hacking the code. You can control your garage door opener with an app, and you can even turn on the light inside the garage with the app. Lock the opener when you go to work or leave town and open the door from inside your car without fiddling with the remote control.

Install Motion-Activated Lights Around Your Property

You should install motion-activated lights around your property to scare away intruders. These lights have a simple motion sensor that will automatically power the lights when someone walks past them. Intruders cannot approach your house secretly because the lights are shining on them, and you might install another POE camera where you placed the lights. You will get a good picture of the criminals, and they are much more likely to run away. You can take these lights one step further by using solar panels to power them. The power cannot be cut because it is stored and only used when the lights turn on at night.

Add Pickproof Locks

You can add pickproof locks to the exterior doors of your home. These locks have been designed to prevent criminals from damaging the interior of the lock, and they are easy for a locksmith to install. Because you probably only have one or two exterior doors, this is an affordable way to safeguard your family. You do not need to change the rest of the locks around the house, and you can even install the locks yourself.


When you want to keep your home and family safe, you must use affordable methods that will give you results. It is easy to install a POE camera, and you can check the video feed from your phone or computer. You might change your garage door openers, and you can change the exterior locks. Exterior lights will scare off intruders, and you can even put an alarm company sign in your front yard regardless of whether you have a system or not.